Words to Live By

I have many meaningful aspects in my life, but I have only a few that are my favorite aspects (And, But, and Or Statement). I’ve realized what my three favorite aspects are at home, like Pliny the Elder once said, “Home is where the heart is.”. Though I am usually a quiet person, I would tell anyone my three special aspects; which are friends, my dog, and athletics.

Though numerous people like video games, I would rather spend time with my friends (Occasion/Position Statement). My friends are like a bulldozer when it comes to stupid stuff. I agree with this quote, “A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same.”(Elbert Hubard). This means a true friend will know how to solve their friends problems and if they love them they will always have their back.

One of my favorite animals is a snake; however, I think dogs are the best pet on earth (However Statement). To succeed in life I think everyone needs a dog, because a dog can be trained to do almost anything. I love my dog, because it is very calm. All those reasons are why I like Josh Billings quote, “A dog is the only thing that loves you more than you love yourself”. This quote means that a dog will grow an attachment to its owner and it can be mans best friend.

My favorite pass time, athletics, is awesome (Two Nouns And Two Commas). If I were to pick between athletics and video games, I would pick athletics. Even though football is my favorite sport, I still think all sports are fun. I like athletics, because I get to learn stuff i didn’t know and have fun. I also like it, because I can get fresh air and I have a good time doing it. I agree with Billie Jean King’s quote about champions which is, “Champions keep playing until they get it right”. This quote means athletes that are really champions will never give up when stuff is hard.

All these aspects I love and will treasure for numerous days (Power/Number Statement). My family helps me realize these aspects, because they are the number one aspect I would never let go. I love my family so much I think George Bernard Shaw explains how I feel, “A happy family is but an earlier heaven”. This quote means that people with happy families have the best life.

Human impact on animals.

The way humans cause problems for animals are cutting down trees, polluting the air, killing animals, and taking away all there resources away. We can stop this by not doing any of these things and recycling. Also we could make a lot more animal shelters to save them. The last thing we can do to help animals would be giving them more resources then they do right now.

Air Masses and Fronts.

Scientists say that air masses have two characteristics: temperature and humidity. Their are four different types of air masses: maritime tropical,Air Masses stuff continental tropical, maritime polar, and continental polar.The characteristics of an air mass depend on the temperatures and moisture content of the region over which the air mass forms. Cold, dense air has a bigger pressure. Now lets talk about Fronts. A weather Front is the boundary seperating two masses of air of different densities.

Are All Clouds the Same?

Do you ever wonder what those big fluffy white hairballs in the air that are  created by NASA, (just kidding.) Well I know what the are, and those things are clouds. Many people ask, “Are all clouds the same?” Well are they? Well if you know I will give you, here it comes… NOTHING! For the people who don’t know, I’m here to solve the case. In my opinion, I think clouds have their differences. Every cloud has a different appearance, formation, and purpose.Clouds are mainly known for their appearance, like cirrus clouds look almost like a scared cat’s tail, while a cumulus cloud looks like a cotton ball. The formation of the clouds are all very different. Cirrus clouds are created by ice crystals, but when you go 11.5 km down, you meet the status cloud, which is composed of water vapor. Clouds have different purposes, like I mentioned before. Cirrus cloud’s purpose is to indicate that a storm is on its way, while the cumulus cloud indicates there will be fair weather. Thanks for reading my hypnosis devise, just kidding again, bye :-)

What is Water?

Water is a very confusing substance. It is made up of a bunch of super tiny things called atoms. If you looked in water you would not see atoms, you would just see water. Thats because atoms are not visible with your eye if you looked in a high powered microscope then you might see one. Atoms in water are bunched together but a few bounce of the big group, in ice they barley move at ALL, in gas they bounce around like a bunch of crazy monkeys. And the hydrogen is attracted to the oxygen like a magnet. Now if you don’t understand what water is then go learn from a smart person, so now you know whats IN water.



Today in class we watched a short cyberbullying movie.

When I hear the word Cyberbullying I turn really serious and feel sad about the people who have killed themselves over that stuff.

Cyberbullying is not very different from bullying except you think it’s not bad and you are just joking around.

If I was being cyberbullying I tell my mom or a trust worthy adult then ask the principle if they could stop this and if I got a mean text message or email message I would tell my mom not delete it. Cyberbullying IS bullying it’s wrong so don’t do it 🙁